Whether it is your first time in London or you are a bachelor living there, the inundating number of London beauties is there to service you. Getting an escort for sex is easy but getting the escort you deserve and ensuring you are safe during escorts hunting is key. Since it is inevitable that you get good sex after getting an escort, it is important to take your time before you rush to get an escort.

Below are quick tips to note if you are to get good safe sex in London:

Undertake a due diligence on escorts agencies

Like any other town, the plethora of escorts agencies in London can confuse you. Most of the agencies promise safety, erotic massage services, beautiful damsels, some promise rooms, competitive prices and much more. However, those who may have used their services may say otherwise. To this end, you need to check for online escorts agencies reviews to ensure you get the sex you deserve. Key factors to consider include safety, prices, mode of payment, house choices and location of the agency and most importantly the option of choosing the girl you like.


Ask some question before paying

It is invaluable to interview the agency representatives and the escorts you choose to ensure that your safety is guaranteed and you are getting the best services. You can ask the girl of her earlier experiences, how she likes it and what security issues she has experienced before. Though you may look like a dummy questioning a girl before having sex, it is important to note that not all the escorts you get there are after sex or are in an agency.

Should you get escorts who stand in the streets?

There is no way to show that escorts in the streets can be trusted. However, this does not mean that they are all bad. Some of those in the streets of London may be the best, the most experienced sex stars, the cheapest and the safest. However, as a rule of thumb, you need to be cautious before you approach one for sex. You can however take your time and watch them. You can tell by the way they behave and if there is any man who gets to them. This may take a lot of your time and thus the need to use the services of the London escort agencies especially if you are in London for a few business days. Worse still, most of the escorts in the streets of London only want to be with you for a short period, not longer than a day.

How do you ensure you get good sex?

Good sex is deeper than the physical, or so the common saying goes. Having a relaxed atmosphere while having sex and during the whole period you will stay with the escort in London is key to enjoyment. You can have dinner together, go to a movie and do some fun activities before having sex. It is important that you also consider that the girl also needs good sex. Foreplay before the act cannot be stressed enough.